Shrimp With Malabar Spinach Cutlet

Shrimp With Malabar Spinach Cutlet

Shrimp with Malabar Spinach Cutlet
  • Servings : 02
  • Prep Time : 20minuets
  • Cook Time : 10minuets
  • Ready In : 30minuets

‘Pui Shak’ or Malabar Spinach is so much popular as bora/cutlet . Shrimp with Malabar Spinach Cutlet can be a best choice as appetizer .


Malabar spinach leaf —-200g.

Mince shrimp— 100g.

Rice flower ——————-50 g.

Turmeric powder ———–1/2 tsp

Salt——————————as per Test

Cooking Oil——————-02 Tbsp.

Green chili chopped——02 pecs

Water for making batter


In a mixing bowl add rice flour, turmeric powder, salt, chopped green chili, Malabar spinach leaf, and mince shrimp then mixed well for making the batter. Don’t put water by once because more water can damage the batter thickness.

Make the pan medium heat then put oil and waiting for the oil become hot. Shallow fry the shrimp with Malabar spinach batter one by one side, same as burger patty. After finish the cooking serve with warm temperature.

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