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Bangladeshi style recipe – Tomato Bhorta

Tomato Bhorta

Bangladeshi Tomato Bhorta is my favorite . Tomato Bhorta is spicy and sour tasted ,it increase our appetite . “Tok Begun” is the Bengali name of tomato . Mashed tomato basically made by roasted ripe tomatoes .


03-04 pcs ripe tomato
04-05 pcs garlic cloves
01 pcs medium size onion
03-04 pcs dry red chili
01 tbsp mustard oil
01 tsp salt
01 tbsp chopped coriander leaf

# Roasted the tomato, garlic dry red chili until tomato and garlic become soft . Dry red chili will be crispy and flavor full .

# In a food processor put all the ingredients and blend it well . If not have any food processor we can use hand .

# Mashed Tomato or Tomato bhorta is best with steam/ plain rice .
marinate with Bangladeshi spices and herbs .

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