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Mashed Bottle Gourd Leaf / Lau Pata Bharta

Lau Pata Bharta

Bottle gourd leaf is so much popular in Bangladesh and its another name is “Lau pata” . Sautéed bottle gourd with onion and garlic then paste it .


08-10 pcs bottle gourd leaf
50 g. Shredded Onion
40 g. Chopped Garlic
04-05 pcs Red Chili Dry or Green Chili
05 g. Salt
30 ml. Mustard Oil
05 g. Turmeric Powder

Method of Preparation

# Wash and clean the bottle gourd leaf very well, then cut it lengthways .

# Make the pan medium high heat put dry red chili then oil . After oil become hot add onion and garlic then stir well .
After onion become nut brown add bottle gourd leaf and seasons with salt and turmeric powder . Sautéed leaf until cooked

# After sautéed make paste by using food processors .

# Enjoy this mashed bottle gourd leaf with steam or boiled rice .

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