Hand-pressed Sesame Ball Porridge - Chef Biplab

Hand-pressed Sesame Ball Porridge

  • Servings : 02
  • Prep Time : 10 minuets
  • Cook Time : 15 minuets
  • Ready In : 25minuets


  • 100 g. white sesame paste
  • 100 g. rice flour
  • 01 pcs bay leaf
  • 05 g. salt
  • 02 g. sugar
  • 500 ml. liquid milk or water
  • Water


In a mixing bowl assemble the rice flour, sesame paste, salt and water then make the dough by using hand press.

Make the boll by this dough and keep in a side.

In a deep pan put liquid milk or water, bay leaf and make hot then add the sesame ball and boil it. After boil the sesame boll put the sugar and mixed well. Cook more 05 minutes on slow hit then serve.

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