Shorshe Begun/ Egg plant with Bangladeshi mustard sauce

Shorshe Begun/ Eggplant with Bangladeshi Mustard Sauce

Shorshe Begun

Fried eggplant deep in Bangladeshi thick mustard sauce . Mustard flavor sauce make more yummy to the eggplant . It is 100% vegetarian dish .


200 g. eggplant round

20 g. mustard seeds

02 pcs green chili

05 g. ginger

05 g. dry red chili powder

10 g. cumin powder

Pinch of black cumin seeds

05 g. turmeric powder

05 g. salt

Oil for cooking


For marinate the eggplant-

05 g. salt

05 g. turmeric powder


  1.  Cut the eggplant 3/2 inch thick then marinate with salt and turmeric powder .
  2. Make the paste  of mustard seeds with green chili and ginger .
  3. Fry the eggplant with shallow oil in medium  heat  . After finish fry, eggplant keep in a serving bowl .
  4. On the other side make a pan medium high heat then put oil ,  bay leaf, dry red chili , black cumin seeds and wait for spluttering the black cumin seeds  .
  5. Add the mixed paste on the pan then season with salt turmeric powder, dry red chili powder and cumin powder . Put 1/2 cup water for making gravy .
  6. Cook gently until gravy become thick , after that add with fried eggplant  . Serve the shorshe begun with any type of rice dish .
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