02 pcs chicken leg ( boneless or with bone )

20 g. black cumin seeds

10 g. garlic paste

02 tbsp. yogurt

01tsp red chili pow2der

05 g. ginger

05 g. cumin powder

05 g. turmeric powder

05 g. coriander powder

05 g. salt

Mustard oil for cooking




  1.  Clean  the chicken leg and trim it  then keep in a side.
  2. Make the paste  of black cumin seeds  then keep in a mixing bow. Add turmeric powder, cumin powder , coriander powder, salt, yogurt, mustard oil on the mixing bowl and mixed all together then marinate the chicken leg . Keep the marinated chicken to  rest for about 30 minuets .
  3.  Make a pan medium high heat then put oil , when oil will be proper hot then add the chicken on the pan ( skin part will be down first) . Cover the chicken with a lid  and when skin will  become brown color then flip the chicken and grill continue . When chicken will be well cooked remove from the pan and enjoy with rice or roti …