Chingri Macher Bhapa Pitha

Chingri Macher Bhapa Pitha / Bengali Steamed Prawn Cake

Chingri Macher Bhapa Pitha
  • Prep Time : 20minuets
  • Cook Time : 12 minuets
  • Ready In : 35-40 minuets

“Bhapa Pitha” is one of the popular rice cake in Bengal. Bhapa pitha is most popular in winter season, all over Bangladesh and west Bengal, India. This seasons you can find it any house, hotel, restaurant and also in a street side. It’s made by coconut, molasses and rice flour. Here I try to make fusion of this recipe.

Firstly I was worried about the taste of this bhapa pitha, but after taste I am surprised.
Rice flour is the main ingredients of this dish and it is different from regular rice flour. This flour is not so fine powder, its size same like sugar. Any size of prawn can be good for this dish, just need clean and without shell .

200 g. rice flour
4-5 prawn (without shell)
50 g. coconut
05 g. salt
01 g white pepper powder
02 ml. lemon juice

Dipping Sauce / Green Chutney
30 g. mint leaves
30 g. coriander leaves
10 g. garlic
02 green chili
03 g. ginger
03 g. salt
03 g. cumin powder
20 g. yogurt
15 ml. mustard oil

 In a mixing bowl marinate the prawn with salt, white pepper powder, lemon juice and coconut flakes then keep a side.
 Mixed salt with rice flour as per taste.
 A muslin cloth or banana leaf place on the surface of steamer tray then place a ring mold on the top of muslin cloth or banana leaf.
 30% of the ring mold fill-up by rice flour then put the marinated prawn on the mold. Again, put rice flour on the mold.
 Return the steamer-tray with phita to the steamer, cover by lid and steam for about 10-12 minutes.
 On the other side, in a food processor put all the ingredients that’s are keep for sauce and make paste.
 After properly cooked the “bhapa pitha” enjoy with dipping sauce .

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