Bangladeshi style- Lentil with Tomato and Drumstick

Lentil with Tomato and Drumstick

Lentil with Tomato and Drumstick

Lentil is the common dish of Bengali meal . Little spicy , sour and creamy tasted this dish like every foodies .


100 g. lentil

100  g. drumstick

100 g. tomato

50 g. shredded onion

30 g. chopped garlic

10 g. garlic paste

10 g. ginger paste

01 tsp turmeric powder

01 tsp cumin powder

01 tsp dry red chili powder

01 tsp coriander powder

01 tbsp. salt or ( as per taste)

04-05 pcs green chili

02-03 pcs dry red chili

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

02 pcs bay leaf

Oil for cooking

Water for cooking


  1. Soaked the lentil for about 01 hour then drain the water  . Peeled the harder skin of drumstick by using knife  and cut by finger size . Cut the tomato by wedges .
  2.  Put the lentil in a deep cooking pan and add 04 cup of water, ginger paste, garlic paste, salt, turmeric powder , cumin powder , coriander powder then boil it . When lentil will be soft that’s time use a lentil whisk for mash the lentil then add  drumstick on lentil and cook more 05 minuets .
  3. On the other side , make a pan medium high heat add the dry red chili, bay leaf, cumin seed on the pan and wait for temper . Put oil on the pan then add shredded onion and chopped garlic , stir well and wait for onion & garlic become brown color . After onion & garlic  become brown color transfer to lentil pan  and mixed well .
  4. Add wedges cuts of tomato to the lentil then cover with a lid and cook on low heat for about 05 minuets . Adjust with salt  before finished cooking , if you want you can use coriander leaf for garnishing  . Serve the “Lentil with Tomato and Drumstick” with any type of rice dish or roti .


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