Bangladeshi Authentic Mashed Boiled Egg / Shidho Dim Bharta

Bangladeshi Authentic Mashed Boiled Egg / Shidho Dim Bharta

Mashed Boiled Egg

Boiled Egg Mashed or Shidho Dim Bharta is so much tasty and healthy . For making ‘Mashed Boil Egg’ different chef have their different way but every style is correct .


04 pcs. egg
50 g. shredded onion
03-04 cloves/ 20 g. garlic
03-04 pcs dry red chili
01 tbsp. mustard oil
01 tsp salt
01 tbsp. chopped coriander leaf (optional)
Water for boiling Egg


# Hard boil the egg with salted water for about 10 minuets . After finished boiling ,remove the shell and mashed it on a mixing bowl by using potato masher or hand  .

#On the other side, make the pan medium heat then put dry red chili and some oil. After oil become hot add shredded onion and chopped garlic stir often . With-in few minuets onion and garlic will turn to brown color then remove from the pan and put on the mixing bowl

# Add all the rest of ingredients to the mixing bowl and mash it all together . Mashed boil egg is good with boiled/steam rice .

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