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Shrimp with Coconut Cutlet

Shrimp with Coconut Cutlet

Shrimp with Coconut Cutlet is very delicious , juicy and aromatics food . Its a traditional food of Southern part of Bangladeshi people. Food lovers people of all around the world will be fallen love when  this cutlet will touch their Tongue . Its an appetizer but Bangladeshi people like to eat with steam rice also .

Ingredients :
**   Shrimp (skin less):—-100g
**  Coconut :————50g
** Onion  :————–01pcs
**  Garlic : ————–02 cloves
**  Green Chili :———-02 pcs
**  Turmeric Powder :—-1/2 tsp
**  Chili Powder : ———Pinch
**  Mustard Oil :———–01 tbsp

Method of Cooking :
## In a grinder put Coconut and make it pest
## After Coconut become pest put all the ingredients( except mustard oil ) in same grinder
and make pest together .
##  Make cutlet by using hand ( you can choose any shapes )
## In a fry pan put oil and fry one by one side then serve …

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