Dudh Lau / Bottle Gourd with Milk

Dudh Lau / Bottle Gourd with Milk

  • Servings : 4
  • Prep Time : 20minuets
  • Cook Time : 15 minuets
  • Ready In : 35minuets

Bottle gourd cooked in liquid milk . It’s one of the popular dessert in Bangladesh .

We can call it also Bottle Gourd pudding or Bottle Gourd Payesh or Lau Payesh .


  • Bottle gourd                      150g.
  • Liquid milk                         01ltr.
  • Sugar                                 100g.
  • Raisin                                 20g
  • Salt                                     01 pinch
  • Bay Leaf                              01pcs
  • Cardamom whole             04pcs
  • Cinnamon Stick                 01 inch
  • Ghee                                  01 tbsp
  • Rice flour 30g.

Method of cooking

1. Take tender part of bottle gourd then peel the skin and remove seeds. Cut the bottle gourd fine Julianne and blanch it.  Pressed it with a muslin cloth for reduce access water.  

2. Put ghee in a medium heated pan then sauté bottle gourd on slow heat. Sauté bottle gourd just like al dente.

3. Put the milk, cinnamon stick, cardamom, bay leaf to a heavy deep pan and make it medium heat then wait for boiling the milk. Stir often .

4. Add the bottle gourd to the milk and keep cooking on low heat. Add the sugar, salt and add rice flour for making thick. Stir often so that bottle gourd does not stick to the pan.

5. When bottle gourd and milk will turned to right consistency turn off the burner and add the raisin, almond,   then stir for 3-4 minuets .

6. Dudh lau usually serve with hot or warm temperature but you can keep on chilled and eat cold .

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