Millet Rice Payesh / Kaon Rice Payesh

Millet Rice Payesh / Kaon Rice Payesh.

Millet Rice Payesh / Kaon Rice Payesh
  • Prep Time : 20 minuets
  • Cook Time : 30 minuets
  • Ready In : 50 minuets
Millet rice Payesh is one of my favorite dessert. Kaon is the Bengali name of millet. Kaon rice is very good for making payesh.
50 g. millet rice / kaon rice
01 ltr. milk
200 g. sugar or molasses
01 pcs bay leaf
02 pcs cardamom
1/2inch  cinnamon stick
10 g. raisin
10 g. cashew nut
10 g. pistachio nut   
Method of cooking
1. Soak the millet rice in water for about 25-30 minutes. After soaking, strain the rice and spread to dry it.
2. Wash the raisins, cashew nut, and pistachio nut then keep in a side.
3. Put the milk in a deep pan and cook until rich to boiling point then about 30% of hot milk separate for next step. Add cinnamon stick, cardamom, bay leaf to the pan and keep it medium heat then wait for little thickness the milk. Stir often
4. Add the rice to the milk and keep cooking on low heat. After rice become well-cooked add the sugar molasses. Be careful about cooking rice, because after adding sugar/molasses rice will not be soft so before adding sugar/molasses rice should be well cooked. Stir often so that rice does not stick to the pan.
5. When rice and milk will turned to right consistency add the raisin, cashew nut and pistachio then stir for 3-4 minutes then turn off the burner.
6. Payesh usually serve with hot or warm temperature but you can keep on chilled and eat cold.  
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