Shorshe Ilish / Hilsha Fish with Bengali Mustard Sauce

Shorshe Ilish / Hilsha Fish with Bengali Mustard Sauce

Shorshe Ilish
  • Servings : 2
  • Prep Time : 01 hour
  • Cook Time : 15min
  • Ready In : 1.20 hour

If you asked any Bengali , what is your one of the best traditional fish dish ? Answer will be “Shorshe Ilish”. Hilsha fish gently cooked on Bengali style home made mustard sauce . “Ilish” is the Bengali name of Hilsha Fish, that’s are found in river . Padma river is the best source of Hilsha fish .


5-6 hilsha fish steak cut

20 g. black mustard seed

20 g. yellow mustard seed

10 g. ginger

04 green chili

03 g. turmeric powder

05 g. salt

Mustard oil

A pinch of black cumin


Wash and clean the mustard seeds very well and soaked for about 01 hour, then drain the water .

Assemble the mustard seeds, green chili and ginger in a food processor then blend with water.

In a mixing bowl put the blended paste , salt, turmeric powder, 02 tbsp of mustard oil and mixed well . Add hilsha fish on the mixture for marinate and keep it for 20 minuets .

Make a pan medium high heat then put oil and black cumin seeds and wait for spluttering the black cumin seeds  .

Put the mixed paste and the fish on the pan and add 1/2 cup of water then cook for about 10 minuets with cover by using lid .Cook gently until gravy become thick . Add 01 tsp of mustard oil and 3-4 pcs green chili and cover again for about 05 minuets on low heat . Serve the shorshe Ilish with steamed rice .

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