Bangladeshi Style Spicy Quail with Coriander leaves

Spicy Quail with Coriander leaves

Spicy Quail with Coriander leaves

Strong flavor of coriander leaves and spices of green chili make the Quail more taste. When I was tasting this delicious dish that time my eyes and tongue were tearsing for hotness .


Quail Birds—- 04 pcs
Green Chili —07-08 pcs
Coriander Leaves– 50 g.
Garlic cloves —–20 g.
Ginger ——— 10 g.
Mixed Hot Spices Powder- 01 tsp
Salt ————01 tbsp
Cumin Powder—- 01 tsp
Mustard Oil —02 tbsp

1. In a Food processor put all the ingredients except Quail and make its paste .
2. Marinate the quail with mixed paste for about 30 minuets .
3. Heat a pan with medium high heat then put some amount of oil and roast the Quail for about 10 minuet .
Put stock/water when needed .

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