Bangladeshi style whole steam Ayer Fish- Chef Biplab

Steam Ayer Fish

Steam fish

“Steam Ayer Fish” cooked with Bangladeshi spices and herbs . Bangladeshi people like fish for their every meal .Bangladesh is fish loving nation.”Bangladeshian by fish and rice” .Fish is popular to the people as it is a very tasty and nutritious from the ancient time. Southern part of Bangladeshi peoples are like to their every meal.

01 pcs Ayer fish (200 g.)

01 pcs medium size onion
01 tbsp garlic paste
01 tbsp ginger paste
01 tsp cumin powder
01 tsp dry red chili powder
01 tbsp salt
01 tbsp turmeric powder
01 tsp lemon juice
01 tbsp mustard oil


# Marinate the fish with all the ingredients except coriander leaf and keep it rest for about 15-20 minuets .
# Put water in the water , cover and bring to boil . Lay the marinated Ayer fish on the steamer rack and cover again . Steam for about 15 minuets or until cook .
#Re-move the fish to a plate and drizzle with cooking liquid then sprinkle some chopped coriander leaf

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